Aerosiva, The Grim (3RD TITAN)

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"Banished by The Lord of the Titans centuries ago, the scourge of the skies has finally returned. Raining death from above and sowing terror below, her sadistic nature is unyielding. Driven by the fury of a thousand storms, she seeks to bring forth the end to Eldralorn, with the heavens crashing down upon the realm. Behold… Aerosiva, The Grim!" 🌪️🐉🌩️

  • Released: June 2023
  • 6.00" Tall by 4.25" Wide
  • Matching, Holographic Slap
  • Unique, Numbered Art Card
  • 90 Crafted (Limit 3 Per Order)
  • Estimated Shipping Time: 1-4 Business Days